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OpenJUMP Portable icon Create and edit shapefiles or GML files, edit geometry and attribute data, create new projects with layers and categories, adjust settings

OpenJUMP Portable is a nifty and portable application that allows you to create and edit shapefiles or GML files.

It's packed with multiple nice features like importing data, setting column properties, exporting analyses as graphics or HTML, and modifying JMP preferences. It sports a really nice graphical interface with plenty of tools at hand.

Sleek and intuitive graphical interface

The application is portable, which means that it doesn't require installation and you can use it on any computer, provided that you copy it on an USB stick. It comes with a really nice graphical interface, that makes it easy to access various sections and make the most out of its features.

The first thing that you need to do after launching the application is to create a new project or open an existing one from your computer. You can add layers and categories, as well as check out recent projects that you've worked on.

Create and edit multiple projects

The application can be used for performing all sort of analyses on your projects. The initial types of analyses that you can perform in JMP are univariate, bivariate, and oneway analyses.

Creating tables of summary statistics with the Tabulate platform is included along with approximating sampling distributions using bootstrapping.

The Distribution section illustrates the distribution of a single variable using histograms, additional graphs, and reports. Once you know how your data is distributed, you can plan the appropriate type of analysis going forward.

More features and tools

Bootstrap analysis approximates the sampling distribution of a statistic. The data is re-sampled with replacement and the statistic is computed. This process is repeated to produce a distribution of values for the statistic.

The Matched Pairs feature compares the means between two or more correlated variables and assesses the differences. You have the option to create multiple graphs, line charts, ellipses, box plots, and maps. It comes with the option of creating other types of plots: bubble plots, scatterplots, parallel plots, and more.

All in all, OpenJUMP Portable is a complex and nifty software solution for creating projects and editing them, as well as for performing analysis and making graphs.

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OpenJUMP Portable was reviewed by Alexandra Vaidos
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OpenJUMP Portable 1.13 r5792 / r5967 Snapshot

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